Check Twitter with free software and privacy, with Nitter

Twitter is a centralized social network that requires the use of proprietary software. It's almost impossible to use Twitter without giving up your privacy or freedom... unless we use another front-end, such as Nitter, which I describe in this article.

I think its name is an acronym from not twitter. But who cares? The thing is that it works well and also the interface is lightweight, it prevents Twitter from getting your IP, you can customize its look, it has native RSS feeds and it's responsive.

It's now in its infancy, so they are expected to include more features, such a login system to admin accounts you follow from its web.

Searching 'free software' with Nitter
We can search accounts
Twitter account seen with Nitter
We can check accounts
Here we exclude the retweets from the results
And we can filter tweets

Because it is free software, you can install Nitter on your server (if you have one) or use someone else's Nitter.

Does it feel inconvenient to change the Twitter URL with Nitter ones? The Firefox plugin Privacy Redirect replaces Twitter links with links to Nitter instances. It also replaces Instagram links with Bibliogram links and YouTube links with Indivious links.