By completing a Google reCAPTCHA you are helping to kill

Google has recently partnered with the Pentagon to help it develop artificial intelligence. The project, called Maven, involves the development of a system to identify objects through drone imagery.

This means that Google's power over people around the world will be used by the US empire for its dark interests. Now completing a Google reCAPTCHA not only involves ethical dangers related to economic exploitation and the use of proprietary software, but also close collaboration in the murder of human beings. Deaths that seem dehumanised, but in the end it is unconscious (and conscious) people who train machines to kill.

How does Google exploits with CAPTCHAs

A CAPTCHA is a test used to distinguish between humans and computers. It's mainly used to avoid spam.

One program that makes this test is reCAPTCHA, which was published on 27 May 2007, and acquired by Google Keep reading How does Google exploits with CAPTCHAs